Welcome! This website is only in its infancy! But it’s ever growing purpose is to share various sources. extracts and relevant information on Preston and the First World War. The sources are coming together, somewhat slowly, and I am constantly adding new things to it so please visit regularly!

Please feel free to look around. All the links are at the top – including my blog and the ever continuous Patriotic Preston Series (which is also printed in the free The Preston Magazine . Although I have now take a break from this series hardcopies are available in the Lancashire Record Office and they are available digitally on this site and below:


It can also be ordered in hardcopy and when released copies are generally available in most local libraries. Digital copies can also be emailed.

On this site we also have pages that will contain information on certain key personalities and those who were importantly locally. I have also added pages that have Preston Pals related material – particularly mini biographies of the individuals. For a brief history see http://www.prestonpals.org/

There are also the writings of a Preston Pal which provide an insight into life in the trenches. See the ‘What was it like to serve with the Preston Pals?’ page. I have also uploaded a newspaper article and formed a new page: “What happened to the Preston Pals?” It is a good read!

There is also a new source online: The Buffet Pamphlet and an interesting project concerning the anonymous writer Aloysia Meredith. I have considered placing some of her more religious writings on here but I am not sure they are relevant.

I intend to add more images as I go along and hope to keep improving this site! These images are sorely needed for Absent Voter List! Images of the Preston Pals, that’s something I might do eventually!

For more information on me or the project see the about page.

All blog posts appear on Twitter and Facebook so you can follow any updates with ease.

Twitter: @DavidHuggonson
Facebook: Preston’s Great War

I’ve also recently announced a talk:

Patriotic Preston: A Talk.
Date: August 4th 2014
Venue: Preston Town Hall.
Time: 6.30-8.30pm
Places are limited to 50.
Cost: Free

My book is also for sale:


My YouTube channel: http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCizwG3r8SQwVjmksSTMXKTg?desktop_uri=%2Fchannel%2FUCizwG3r8SQwVjmksSTMXKTg
I hope you enjoy the site and please leave a comment!


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Hi, I bought a WW1 Star awarded to a Pte in the Loyal North Lancs Regiment in a militaria shop about 10 yrs ago. It would be good for it to be returned to his family. Any suggestions?

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